Steve Huffman
Owner / CEO



Steve Huffman has spent the last 30 years specializing in apartments. His extensive multifamily experience includes brokerage, ownership, management, and financing. Steve is the son of San Diego’s most prolific apartment developer, the late Ray L. Huffman of Huffman Construction. Ray Huffman built over 575 apartment buildings in Southern California from the 1960s to the 1980s and these buildings are acclaimed for their solid construction, efficient design, favorable unit mix, and overall aesthetic appeal. Steve is proud to use the incredible ground-up experience in construction, management, rehabilitation, financing and sale of apartment buildings over his entire life. He has assisted clients on the successful closings of over 300 apartment escrows on properties ranging from 5 to 408 units throughout the western United States.  

Based in San Diego, Huffman Properties Inc. and Steve Huffman personally handle direct multifamily sales and financing through Berkadia Real Estate Advisors (formerly known at Hendricks & Partners). Steve is Co-Managing Partner of Atlas Management Group LLC also of San Diego, as well as the Managing Partner of KHF Holdings LLC.  Through all of these entities, Steve touches on all aspects of apartment ownership throughout multiple states and cities.  

Huffman’s knowledge of market trends, financing, and competing properties is thorough, and further enhances his ability to defend and substantiate aggressive pricing and financial assumptions in today’s market.  Steve navigates successfully the challenges and variables in an ever-changing real estate market; others view his consistent success as both a model and harbinger of the strength of the San Diego market’s stability, security, and growth outlook by investors both in and out of San Diego County. Contact Steve Huffman for more details on how he can assist you with your apartment property or investment.  He can be reached at 619-997-7878 or with the contact button below.